Life In Limbo

This is how mine is right now. I have not  been in the mood for sometime now to blog my thoughts. But here I am and would really love any prayer that could be sent my way.

It kind of is a long story and with me it seems like there is always some kind of drama going on in my life. To sum it up. I have been caretaking the apartments where I have lived for a long time, in this time four of those years have been devoted to this task. I have loved and hated it all at the same time.

Loving it, planting flowers to make the place look pretty, tending to the lawn and grounds so they look upscale, not shabby. Seeing the results and feeling I have acomplished good.

Hating it, having to deal with difficult people. Having to work with those who tell faslehoods and do not do their part in bettering the place/ situation, only to make it worse.

Those mentioned have made it so that the city had to be called due to lack of proper care on their part. Resulting in which in and of it self is a good thing. The owner of the building/property finally taking the right action to get the right people in to do the job the way it should have been done all along.

But this is where I am in the middle. One of the persons has not been truthful to the owner and has I feel spoken unjustly and wrongfully regarding myself. It is a big unessisary mess and I have to reap the reprecutions of others wrongs. So my duties may be taken away from me.

I am praying about it and have contacted the owner and am waiting for a reply. I guess I could sacrifice this and give it up though my rent would be double and I would be a such a loss with out being able to tend to what I have so beautifully for these last four years. It makes no sense . I am on site, have expereince, love doing it. Just hate having to deal with all the bad junk that goes with it. Which I feel does not have to it it was run the right way to begin with. Example… good tenants, who do not do things like drugs or any other like behavior. I have taken a stand on that. We have had many a tenant who lived that life style. I have tried to nip it in the bud before it would get out of hand but then I am taken as the bad guy. I just have not had the right support thru all of this and it has been really stressful.

Anyway as you read and I know it is hard to understand the situation to the fullest, but with the bits and pieces I have shared lift it up to God with me. This is my home and well being and I feel it is being tested .

I am praying that The truth be shown and that all falsehood be removed. That the right people make the proper decsions and that peace will and justice and truth prevail.



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