Twists and Turns

That is how life has been for me. I have really neglected this blog due to the wirl wind of life. But here is the adventures I have been on thus far…

~ Working and yeah working. Housesitting for Mav and Kobey the scaredy cats of storms pair. They are so fun, long walks on the trails and many nights of company thru stormy nights.

~ Learning to trust God when I do not have any strength and am scared as I do new things that He has set before me, such as for work, at the candy store, we do shows where we go to Farmers Markets and different venues to sell our selection of nuts. I have never done one before and this year have been privalaged to be apart. It is quite fun, though getting up at the crack of dawn kind of puts a toll on my whole being. I am not a morning person. But God is stretching me. As well as going into new areas I have not really gone before. And learning to drive a truck. Which is easy now but when I first did it was very different. But I did it and it feels good to know I can and have conquered some of my fears.

~ Around the home front, doing my best keeping things well run. And thanking God that He sees the big picture. That the right people are coming in and this place is getting whipped into shape.

~Knowing that satan is a defeated foe and no man can come against My Fathers beloved. That any weapon formed against me will not prosper. Those who seek to harm me and my dwelling place will be corrected.

~Enjoying me cats and thankful for their company. oh and Angle the fish too.

~Eating and learning about raw foods.

~Starting to journal more, it feels good to just look at where I am and where I have been.

~ sleep is a good thing and been lacking it but know God gives me strength and empathizes and never keeps me with out when I need it most. I tell ya stress does not do a body good or early morings for those who are not use to waking up with the birds. Give me 8 oclock and I am fine, give me 6 oclock and my day is shot. So all you early risers, you go…

Well that about does it, I want to enjoy this summer, use my camera and be in God`s presence where every I may go.


One thought on “Twists and Turns

  1. Margaret says:


    God is so great….. Have an awesome summer…. I loved driving the grain truck — it’s such an important part of getting the work done….. Had to smile at your early riser comments…. We’re always up at 5 a.m. and sometimes it has to be 4 a.m. — but, we’re also early to bed….. Rest is a necessity. 🙂


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