Is Jesus Enough?

I am asking myself this question more and more and I think He is asking that to me as well. Spring is here and I have been so busy with stuff.

I have to do my gardening, which I love to do. I am in the middle of so many things that seem to me to be important. I am getting swept away with all of it.

Planting for me is so restful and to see things blooming makes my heart sing.


One thought on “Is Jesus Enough?

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi Liz,

    It’s so good to hear from you again….. That video expressed the greatest joy I know — time spent with Jesus only…. I wish everybody would know where they can have true peace and joy…. But, like it said, people think they must have all those other things that don’t really satisfy…. The time we spend with Jesus only is worth more than words can tell… I’ve got to get busy in my garden today, too…. Have fun!


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