Here And There

I am going to take a break from this blog. I am not having the time or energy to do it right now.

I am also just not knowing what to even post. I know that may sound bad but it is the truth. I read alot of blogs or I should say I have and I get alittle discouraged but blessed. I do not even have time it seems to read or reply.

I am just not being able to give my full attention. My life just seems to be all over the place at the moment. Maybe it is all the housesitting I am doing. I just feel very unsettled.

So untill further notice…….

** Side Note**

when I say both blessed and discouraged I mean that I get discouraged with myself that I can not give this my full attention right now.  Not from the things I read on other blogs.


2 thoughts on “Here And There

  1. Tishrei says:

    Hi Liz,

    I understand. As you know, I also took time off of my blog.

    Take the time you need to refresh before coming back here to blog. Your blog is a blessing to me and I look forward to when you do return.

  2. Margaret says:


    I certainly understand what you’re experiencing….. We cannot understand the ways in which God leads us, but we do know that He wants us to take time for refreshing – just as Jesus would lead His disciples to a quiet place of rest….. Your posts have been a refreshing blessing to others, so we can be sure God will use your witness where ever He leads you in this interim….. But, we don’t know how exciting and wonderful that might be. 🙂 ….. Let’s put it all in God’s loving hands and look forward to His leading.

    Thank you for the posts you have shared…. It will be good to hear from you again.

    Love, Margaret

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