10 A Day


Just getting back to the basics. That is what it should all be about. I choose to read the bible every day. Ten chapters a day. A friend shared with me how she does this everyday. She gets thru the bible in less then a year .

Now I have read the bible thru out my walk with the Lord, but to be honest,  I have never really just read it from cover to cover. I am going to challenge myself now to do this.

Without any study guides, or commentaries. Just me God and His word.

To be able to be in God`s word with out feeling pressured or worried as I read of not being able to memorize or be knowegable on this or that. What God wants to show me He will.

I encourage anyone to do this, you will grately benefit. And In a years time you may be able to even read it thru twice. The word of God does not go forth void, so even if I think that I am not grasping this or that. God is grasping me and my heart.

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4 thoughts on “10 A Day

  1. Margaret says:


    Great plan…. It helps to set things in order, kinda like straightening out the house…. I also like to do word studies, which can now be done on Bible Study sites that provide a concordance….. I used to do that with a hard copy of Strong’s Concordance….. The computer makes it much easier.

    I love your photo and the way you have displayed it…. It does justice to a beautiful picture.


  2. Tishrei says:

    Hey Liz,

    I love doing a read though the bible — it really is a great overview of the whole of the bible. It certainly doesn’t replace in depth studies. Once I got into the groove of reading my set number of chapters, it became really easy to do. And doing this, we really get to know His Word in context of the whole Word of God.

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