Not Much Going On

I am just practicing what I can do on my new net book. I love to learn new things and figure things out. I learned that I can if I ever wanted to I can do video recordings. So that is what I have been playing around with for the last couple of days. YouTube. Not that I ever would but I just wanted to know how to. And that I can do different fonts. I will have to see if this shows up.

I promise I will be back from my play time soon.


4 thoughts on “Not Much Going On

  1. Liz says:

    Thanks Margaret.. I am bummed though I thought I was going to be able to use different fonts. But guess not. I looked at other browsers and This one does not show up.

    Oh well. I am such a visual person I like to add a little pazzaz..

  2. Tishrei says:

    New toy — sounds like you’re having fun! I was looking at those netbooks and will probably get one at some point. I like to hang out at a coffee house with my bird and read — it would be fun to have a netbook so I can use the internet and maybe get on my blog or read other people’s blogs and comment.

    I just may pick your brain when I’m read to go that route and get me one.

  3. Liz says:

    That would be cool if you had your bird at the coffe shop, is that allowed?
    I actually saw a man do that once. He had a great crowd around him.

    Yeah I am loving this new toy. It is way better then my desk top computer. and is so small I csan take it anywhere.

    They really are not that expensive..

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