Could It Be?



Today is very, very nice out side. It is about time. I pray that it will last. It felt good to have the warm air swirl around me. Everyone here is loving this. After all the snow we had.

I took advantage and did something that I really needed to do. Clean out my car. Here there is a free place to vacuume (wrong spelling I know).My car needed it bad. But now all is clean, it feels so good. I am a very organized person and I need things clean and tidy around me or I get stressed out.

I got a new little netbook. I needed one for when I housesit. I really like it. It`s small but very practical.

Also I have not been here much I miss it. Frankly I do not know what to blog about. So I am just letting God lead me.

I am thankful for those I have met here and really enjoy reading your blogs. I will make my rounds.

Well off to church……

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2 thoughts on “Could It Be?

  1. Tishrei says:

    Hey Liz,

    Sounds great — a clean car. I guess I should follow your example and do the same. I always feel so good when I tackle a project like that and can sit back and enjoy how things are in their place.

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