a little tlc

so for the past two weeks i have started a new  routine to my day. dry skin brushing. i really have noticed a refreshing difference in my whole well being.

A dry skin brush is a simple, inexpensive, and rejuvenating practice which helps:

-stimulate circulation
-improve your nervous system function
-cleanse your lymphatic system of toxins
-strengthen your immune system
-aid in digestion
-exfoliate dead, dry skin
-eliminate cellulite
-improve muscle tone
-improve complexion
-and much, much more!

to do this you always want to work towards your heart, starting on one side from bottom to top ,then the other in a circular motion. do this right before you jump in the shower. the benefits are many as you see. after you brush you want to use only natural soaps to clean off all the dry skin you just got rid of. i say if you can not eat what you put on your skin then do not use it. i use dr. bronner`s magic all in one soaps. it is a pure castile soap with organic oils such as lavender.

to moisturizer i use coconut oils. any oils will do just remember if you can eat it you can use it for your skin. your skin will thank you. and be soft and new looking.

i use this method with my face as well. and have really liked the outcome so far. this is a cheap , but rewarding way to maintain beautiful healthy skin. to be honest now i can not go a day with out this routine. i use a seaweed soap bar for face and after to moisturize i either use coconut oil,shea butter or a lotion i found from avalon organics, with a sun blocker spf 18.


2 thoughts on “a little tlc

  1. Tishrei says:

    What great tips Liz. I haven’t tried the dry skin brush but I’ll have to give it a go someday. I’m really, really good about exfoliating but never used the brush.

    Like you, I’m very careful what I put on my skin. I’m not a youngster so I have to be even more careful what goes on as the older we get, the less forgiving our skin is to abuse.

    What a relaxing way to start the day.

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