the last couple of weeks have been busy and alittle stressful for me. guess what i may have to do? jury duty.(sorry am on a computer that caps do not work). i am little fearful of doing this. the reason is because i will have to go into the city which a long time ago i had a very scary experience in the city, and going by myself would put me over the edge.now this is not untill next november so i have 9 months to worry/ pray about it. some of you if any one is reading this may say oh that should not be a big deal. well just say for me it is and lately i have been watching the news and yep it seems like crime in this area has escalated. i am saying to myself, great now my fears are valid. whether they are or not. so please pray if you would be so kind.

also just working and staying  afloat has been a pressure for me. march is my busy season, spring break and lots of housesitting. i think though that once i get in a routine i should be able to spend more time here. i have enjoyed reading all of my regular blogs that i follow i just have not had enough time to reply. hopefully soon. i feel way behind as it is.

but the upside is that for the last week so far the weather here has been above normal, which for my state is saying alot. i so can`t wait for spring. i say this every year. after being  around cold and snow since last november this feels great. it gives me hope. church is going well and i am really concentrating on the lord. sometimes i can feel the world take hold with all its artifical  happiness when i earn for lasting joy and steadfastness in my god.  ( gee i wish this cap lock would work sorry folks)

well happoy spring to all.

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3 thoughts on “busy

  1. Margaret says:


    Just a quick note to let you know you will be in my prayers….. And, no, you are not being silly not wanting to go into the city….. Things are just much nicer in smaller communities…. On the cap lock thing, you can get a new keyboard for around $20….. A keyboard by Logitech might be a good choice, as it should have a good warranty….. Things wear out and there is no fixing some of it.


  2. Liz says:

    thanks margaret for praying. i will keep you posted.

    about the key board, i am houseitting and it is not mine so i guess i will have to make do.

  3. Tishrei says:

    Hi Liz,

    Glad to see you posting — as you know, I too have been off the internet. I’ve posted here and there but I have been busy so have been more sporatic in my posting.

    I will keep you in prayers re the jury duty and taking a trip to the city. There are certain things that make me really nervous so I totally get it about being nervous about the city.

    Romans 8:28 is a good one to think about in this situation. Whenever I have to do something really difficult or unpleasant or even scary, that’s what I think about.

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