Ok so I have a funny to share today. First off today was not a good day for I was miss grump. Good thing I could stay home and did not have to work. Have you ever had a day like that. You just feel blah? Well I was today because of lack of sleep. And trust me when I do not get my sleep stay away.

The reason for my sleeplessness you ask? I will tell you – Miss Emma herself in all her furry glory. For some reason the last week she has had a thing for scratching on my closet doors every night at like 12, then at 3am. Very annoying to say the leaste. Now if she was doing this at say her feeding time which is 6am then I could understand. But at these times every night come on.

Well last night I kind of lost it with her and now have to resort to useing a spray bottle filled with water. I pray that this will be the end of her night time antics. Because her” Mamma”  is a tired chick.

So as today was just a waste, tried to take naps thru out the day to no avail. I finally gave up and thought I would play around with my camera/ video.

I was filming myself talking and man I cracked  myself up, I noticed when I talk this may sound weird but one side of my face is lopsided. I mean my lips when I talk. One side is higher then the other. How crazy is that?! So I am now training my self to talk with both sides of my face. I have never realy noticed that before. But then again I never video taped or watched myself talk before. TO FUNNY.

Anyway that`s all I have for todays post. If you are ever tired, just video tape yourself talking and that should wake you up. Tonight I am going to sleep!! Even if I have to throw Emma and all her cuteness out in the snow. ( I would nver do that!!)

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4 thoughts on “Lopsided

  1. Margaret says:


    I don’t know, but there is a possibility that you might have to apologize to little Miss Emma and give her a kiss….. Animals have extra senses that we do not….. A few years ago, on the news, a cat started acting strange and woke the family up….. There was a gas leak near the house…. That or a similar problem might be bothering little Miss Emma…. It might pay to check around — things like electricity, a mouse that got in, water heater problems, etc.

    Most likely everybody is lopsided in some way or another. 🙂 Watch Miss Emma.


    1. Liz says:

      In that Margaret you may be right, so I did . I do not think it is a gas leak( that would be awful) for just on January first I had that very thing checked and all was clear.

      I do think that it is a mouse. Beacuse she is always under the couch and has that pounce look about her. I am always finding in one corner of the hallway fine chalk like material I am vacumming up all the time. Do I ever see the mouse? NO. I think I will just get some traps but I haven`t because of the cats I do not want them to get their paws hurt.

      Before I had these guys I did have a mouse and I saw it. but now with the cats they are very hidden.

      But thanks for that point of view. I know how sensitive they really are.

  2. Margaret says:


    They do make live traps that you can get at a feed store for cattle, horses, etc….. But then, you have the problem of having to do the nasty work yourself…. That can be gross….

    Then, of course, there is the poison method, but that would have to be placed in a way that the cats cannot get to it….. On our ranch with many cats, we still had to go with the poison method…. We built a box with an entrance that only the mouse could enter, and put the poison in there….. Because of our open oats fields, there was so much opportunity for the mouse population to keep on booming…. Our kitties were sleek and beautiful — getting fresh, warm cow’s milk every morning and evening.

    Have you thanked Miss Emma yet? 🙂


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