You find me, when I am hiding behind all my disguises, You see me~ It takes You to keep me breathing, You are heart~ passion~ vision~, You send me and You bring me close~ close~ close~ closer~ Until when You look at me, You see You, You are heavenly~ my present and future destiny~ You are Father~ creator~ sustainer~ life changer~ pride breaker~ You are yesterday, today and forever~ You are pleasure~ worth~ reason~ present in every season~ You are worship~ devotion~ You are the reason for all my commotion~ You are the one I pray to, You can tell I am nothing without You.~ So awesome that I can pray to You, about You, ~ to know You ~ to sense You~ to believe You more~ to love You more~ to obey You more~ to give more of my heart……
Oh God, search me~ know me~ see me~ examine me~ test me~ love me~ watch me~ protect me~ show me~ investigate me~ be pleased with me~ question me~ keep me~ change me~ have me~ correct me~ take me~ help me~ create in me~ break in on me~
be my reality~ sustain me~….. decrease me~ decrease me~ decrease me~….. Until there is no me left,~ only You~ only You God,…… only You are light~ are true~ are You…~ are hope
~ are love ~ are strength~ are escape, rescue, safe~ You are our peace~ You are belief~ You are advance and retreat~ of what, to what, to whom can we compare You?~ You are all things new~ You are our place of refuge~ You are our fortress~ our rest~ creativity, in the stength of Your words to us~ You are the ability to… see~ hear~ feel~ move~ live~ breathe~ be…. You are life and death all at the same time~ You are friend~ You are believer, savior , redeemer~ You are today, tomorrow and the next day…… You are truth~ You transcend old age and youth~ You are timeless, priceless, lightness in darkness, greatness, goodness, sinless,…. and in a mess like our lives, You see righteousness~ You leave us speechless~………. You alone are God !!!!!
Amena J. Brown



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