Crackle Pop

 So it is Saturday and I needed to get out of the house. My friend Linda and I went a shoppin`. My initial place I wanted to go was one of the many malls we have where I live. But before we actually got to the mall we hit some other stores first. I love to window shop and am grateful that I can say no most of the time. There really is nothing I need  persay  but gosh How my flesh thinks I want it. I ended up just getting some Lavender and Ylang Ylang plug ins by Aroma Naturals.

Well as we were leaving the last store before we actually hit the mall, we were looking at some eyeglass frames( which I may get) they were really cute and my face is so small to funny they were in the children section.

I went to look at the time on my cell phone and I could not get it to work. It was not even on and when I tried to turn it on thats when I heard a crackle and a pop.  My friend Linda looked at it and we took the back off and took the Sims card out but it still was making that noise and would not work right. Thankfully we were close to a Best Buy and that I still had my reciept. So we rush there before ending the day at the Mall. I was so glad that they had another one in stock and that they switched it out for me.

We has a good laugh, because I made Linda carry it to Best Buy I was afraid it would shock me or something. But then that was not very nice of me to have her have to hold it. Trust me it was funny. Well we got the phone and we hit the Mall only to spend like a half an hour total there. We were tuckered out from going to all the other stores and then having to go get my phone. Linda is a sweet heart for hanging in there with me on our hilarious adventure.

I am actually going back tomorrow to one of the stores which is having a sale on bedding. I have been looking for a good bedding set for who knows how long in the colors that I love, sage green and purple. I found a pretty quilt pattern with those colors for a great price. I think I might get it. My walls are this same purple only a shade lighter.

( Is it proper to show a bed on a christian blog??? )



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5 thoughts on “Crackle Pop

  1. Margaret says:


    That is a gorgeous bedding set — just my style, too….. And a very pleasing color combination — sort of like your web page, right?…. We can thank God that you still had the receipt for your cell phone…. Little things like that are a blessing.


    1. Liz says:

      and I did get the bedding it was a little more then I thought but, like I said I have been looking for like three years for a quilt and shams in these colors. I still need to get the small pillow. Notice that it kind of has a cross shapes in the pattern. I think that is a nice touch.

    1. Liz says:

      thanks . I am watching an animal show from Ireland and they have fileds ful of wild flowers of purple and red. Those colors are very pretty together.

      My cats are having fun watching all the animals and birds.

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