Ruby and Emma

Here they are, Ruby top and Emma bottom. I got these two last winter. I was suppose to only take them in for three months but their owner was traveling alot and asked if I wanted to keep them. Of course I had to say yes. They are such mellow cats.

They each have their special toys they play with, it is so cute. Miss Ruby only likes this one toy with feathers on it. And Miss Emma preverse another toy that lights up and she chases it.

I love these guys. They could not have come to me at a more perfect time. Afew years ago I had three of my own, but sadly one after the other they past away after many years of company for me. I thought after the last one past that I would never have another cat in my life. I had moved during that time and actually did want more of a clean home, for my last loves did a number on my furniture.

But Emma and Ruby stole my heart and my home so here they are happy and loved. And Ruby is declawed fancy that but Emma isn`t, I have to give her credit though she is very lady like and has not touched my furniture praise God.

Animals can really be a healing for the soul and great comforts. with unconditial love. So love on your fur balls, they love ya back no matter what.


5 thoughts on “Ruby and Emma

  1. Tishrei says:

    Oh what precious kissable faces. I cannot imagine life without some of God’s critters around. Yeah, I want a perfectly clean looking home — but alas, I would have to give up my critters and for sure, that ain’t gonna happen.

    I just love the looks on their cute faces — too precious šŸ™‚

  2. Liz says:

    yeah they are little smushlove faces. I can hug them and smush on them and they love it.

    Emma is more social then Ruby. It took awhile for Ruby to let me hold her, even now she meows like I am doing something aweful to her but I just say ” Ruby, Momma is just given ya love, except it” She is my little sleeping companion though, when it`s time for bed there she is on my pillow just waiting.

    Emma I can hold her and during the day she likes lots of attention but when night comes she is miss anti social. But every morning there she is scratching at something to get me up and feed her and Ruby. They are quite a pair, they love eachother too it is fun to watch them do their kissing faces.

  3. Margaret says:


    You’ve got some precious little cuddlies there!…. One of my sons also has two cats — SCSI and SATA….. He works with computers and named them after computer parts….. Go figure.


  4. Tishrei says:


    As to your son and his choices in cat names — HAHAHAHA — that is sooo funny.

    I knew this guy who had a cat show up at his house and never left. He named her Kitty. Then she got pregnant and had babies. He kept one of the kittens. So he named them Mamma Kitty and Baby Kitty.

    SCSI — how does he pronounce that? Does he spell out the letters and call that cat “S-C-S-I” or is there a way to pronounce that?

  5. Liz says:

    yeah to funny Margaret. I knew a cat named J.T. have no idea what it stood for.

    Tishrei- one of my cats was named Kitty, she was black and a baby from a stray i took in. i was a little thing even as she grew into cat hood. the other two were named Tashly and Sadie. Sadie was a blue point himalain, i got as a kitten for free. Tashly ( To-s-h-l-y) is i said it was a tortishell. i miss those guys.

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