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3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Margaret says:


    This is a lot of food for thought….. What makes me think is that each of the quotes from the book of Job are quotes of Job’s friends who came to visit him in his trouble…. They all had a heart for Job, but kept on trying to tell Job that it was his sin and forgetfulness of God’s ways that brought about all his disasters….. Going through a disaster can be God’s means of straightening us out and disciplining us, but that was not true in Job’s case….. So, even though these friends meant well, they were not right in constantly accusing Job of sinning…. When our friends face a disaster, we should not think that is a result of their sin, either.

    That is why in Job 42:7, God says to Eliphaz, “My wrath is kindled against you and against your two friends, because you have not spoken of Me what is right as My servant Job has….”

    When we put our faith in God and love His salvation in Christ Jesus, we might (and most likely will) face great disasters to test our faith…. So, we don’t trust in God so that our earthly lives will be trouble free — but, we trust God because in the end He will bless us in His heavenly home…. Our greatest blessings are awaiting us in heaven, so we can patiently endure all our trials on earth, which are God’s way of making us grow in faith, hope and love. 🙂 That’s an Hallelujah!

    Nevertheless, when we do face a trial, we do need to examine ourselves with all the points that Job’s three friends made, because it is possible that we have sinned and need to ask God for forgiveness, which He is longing to give us…. But, none of our righteous living will save us, just as none of Job’s righteous living could save him…. Job’s faith in his Redeemer saved him….. That is our comfort.


  2. Tishrei says:

    Hey Liz,

    These really are great promises to meditate and reflect on. One thing that really is awesome for a Christian is hope — but that hope is not based on something like “I hope I pass this test” or whatever. It is a hope that is a sure thing that can be relied on.

  3. Liz says:

    hope is a beautiful thing.

    margaret thanks for such insight. i love the book of Job. Thru out Jobs whole ordeal he never once denownced his God.
    Yes his friends had great human wisdom. But Job held onto God`s wisdom. And yes it was his faith that saved him!!!

    Tishrei, howdy – Having hope is so important for our souls and well being. It is a strong foundation. I was going to add some more verses, there are many on hope but I thought these really got to the point. Even non believers wish for some lasting type of hope, but saddly they look in the wrong directions for it.

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