relaxing saturday

the joys of cleaning. this is my saturday relaxation for today. i actually love to clean. to see the end result and to take in the fresh smells of clean.

i like to use all natural products when i can. like lemon and vinegar. i have all hardwood floor so i mix a liitle murphys oil soap in with the vinegar.  after a good scrub they are nice and shiny.

i hate clutter. i clean houses on the side and some peoples houses are very cluttered. when a home has alot of stuff(papers, things everywhere) cleaning becomes a chore. but when you are organized it goes faster and is way more enjoyable i think.

when i clean i start from top to bottom. first with dusting, then wiping down walls for any little cobwebs, when your walls had a good scrub the room just seems fresher. then i go around dusting lamps, pictures anything that has a surface to collect dust. after i vacuum then mop the hard wood floors.

to really get me motivated i put in a good cd and maybe light a good smelling candle. when the weather permitts i always have my windows open, with screens of course. letting fresh air in your home cuts down on the dust and staleness that may be in the air.

the end result is clean and freshness. the saying cleanliness is next to godliness may be true. you just feel better in a clean house. i never let things go for more then a week. daily i am doing light cleaning so when i do do the major clean it is fast and fun. my cats love when i clean. chasing the vacuum or actually hiding from it. they are use to the noise and will lay right by me as i vacuum away.


3 thoughts on “relaxing saturday

  1. Margaret says:


    Hmmmm!…. The smell of fresh air and clean!…. It sure does brighten a person’s day….. I remember helping my mother clean when I was young…. My sister and I loved to work together and get everything done…. Our old Victorian house had old-fashioned storm windows, but the bottom of each storm frame had a latched hole cover that we would open up and let in fresh air while cleaning….

    Cleaning is an ongoing, life-long need — just like our ongoing need to repent and accept the fresh air of Jesus’ forgiveness.


  2. Liz says:

    “Cleaning is an ongoing, life-long need — just like our ongoing need to repent and accept the fresh air of Jesus’ forgiveness.” i love that thanks margaret!!! hope your weekend is starting out nice.

  3. Tishrei says:

    I’m with you on this Liz — after a good cleaning, I just love to sit back and take it all in. It just does something for me when it’s all done and fresh. It does something to me that makes me relax and enjoy my time at home.

    Margaret, I like that analogy that you used. I will have to remember that one. 🙂

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