why cling

Why cling to the ash heap?

Oh, why should kings’ sons and daughters go lean
from day to day? True, these heavenly viands do
spoil one for earth-born cares–but then much less
of earth’s good things suffice, when we thus live in
and upon a glorious Christ.

Oh, come, Spirit-born and heaven-bound ones–
why do you so linger around earthly trifles? Why
cling to the ash-heap? You are princes–this
befits you not! There are such loves, and glories,
and wonders in Jehovah-Jesus to be enjoyed even
below, as yet we little think of! Oh, come, let us
arise, and go to Jesus!

“Earth has no dainties half so sweet
As my Redeemer brings.”

Jesus, our divine Magnet, attract us to Your dear Self!


2 thoughts on “why cling

  1. Margaret says:


    This is beautifully said!…. Did you write this or is it from another source?…. Altogether too often we “love” clinging to our ash heaps…. We seem to want to enjoy our misery…. But, that is wrong and is totally disrespectful of our all-glorious King of kings.

    It is much more appropriate for us to feed on the truths God gives us, because they are true nourishment and our strength.


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