Picture This

I love taking pictures and have had my eye on a Canon Rebel XSI for about a year now. Last year I bought a Kodak easy share which works fine and I will use still. But when film cameras were  around about 10 years ago I bought a Canon Rebel and loved it. I still have that one and use it now and then. It gets a little spendy now with having to have the film developed.

So I am thinking that  if I do get this XSI it will be the last camera I purchase in my life time. Target has one going for around $650. But Walmart if I would buy it on line is going for $579. This is the way to go I would think. Well save, save, save. When and if I do finally get it I will have many fun pics to share.



2 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. Margaret says:


    That sounds like fun!…. I’ve got a lowly Canon PowerShot A2000 IS and really like it….:) I do need to take some time to get out and about with it though…..


  2. Liz says:

    Hi Margaret hope your day is going well. Taking pictures is fun huh?
    Would love to see ones you take, so get out there.

    Here it is cold so taking outside pics is a challenge but come spring time I am all over it.

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