Rules For Daily Living

egin the day with God;
Kneel down to Him in prayer,
Lift up thy heart to His abode
And seek His love to share.                                    

Open the Book of God,
And read a portion there,
That it may hallow all thy thoughts,
And sweeten all thy care.

Go through the day with God,
Whate’er thy work may be,
Where’er thou art – at home, abroad,
He still is near to thee.

Converse in mind with God,
Thy spirit heavenward raise,
Acknowledge every good bestowed,
And offer grateful praise.

Conclude the day with God,
Thy sins to HIm confess,
Trust in the Lord’s atoning blood,
And plead His righteousness.

Lie down at night with God,
Who gives His servants sleep,
And shouldst thou tread the vale of death,
He will thee guard and keep.

~Author Unknown


4 thoughts on “Rules For Daily Living

  1. Margaret says:


    This is a wonderful poem to start the day!…. It seems like I’ve either heard this somewhere before, or that it is a song…. Whatever, these are thoughts we need to carry with us all day long.


  2. Liz says:

    when I saw this poem I know i had to share it. I have never heard it before. But it brings me strength and is a great reminder of how God does wants our time and attention every day and to be focused thru out the day on Him.

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