Relaxing Saturday

Ok so it is the weekend and I just finished my usual morning smoothie  as I spent  alittle one on one time with the Lord. What a great way to start your day. Because I really try to be as healthy as I can by eating right and so on. I thought I would share what things I put into it. Also I just want to mention that before I do, this post will be of a more relaxing girly type.

So on to my smoothie

  • Dark leafy greens, something like Kale or spinach.( organic if possible)
  • fruit today I put pineapple, grapes and a pear.( Organic if possible)
  • Almond milk i sometimes like to use Oat milk as well
  • fruit juice something that does not have added sugars but that will compliment the oat/almond milk. Some people just use water but I like to have it a little sweeter tasting to balance out the veggie side of it.

Well there it is very refreshing and very good for you morning smoothie.
Today I am taking the girls I nanny for out for a movie. Alvin and the Chipmunks Sequel I think it`s called. Should be fun girly time.

Next on the refreshing Saturday list. I just have been  hanging out not really dong anything important  I found this neat

Soap site called Lush. I love smells, soaps,  candles ( soy based) anything the brings peace and relaxation to my surroundings. Now these are nature inspired and I love that.
If you want to check them out for your self  just go to (sorry the link is not working)?
I personally want to check out their hair care products. they have some fun stuff.

I am also housesittng on the lake this weekend, maybe that what inspired me to just have a relaxing type day.

Anyway there ya have it. Just a day which I forgot to mention is cold but sunny. Happy Saturday to all.


And just a side note this might be an ongoing theme for Saturdays. We could all use more relaxation in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Relaxing Saturday

  1. Tishrei says:

    Hi Liz,

    That’s sounds great. I do smoothies as well. I also juice my own vegetables and fruit. I’m sort of a health nut — I drink raw milk, kefir, make my own raw juice and stuff like that. I’ll have to try your recipie, sounds yummy.

    I love candles but alas, I can’t have candles around here with my birds. The fumes are toxic to bird lungs and will kill them. I have to be careful about the scents I have around here because while they won’t do us any harm, with their little birdy lungs, it kills them. I was bummed I had to give up some of those things but I love my birds.

    I’ll have to check you the site and see if there are any soaps that I would like.

    Have a fun, relaxing and blessed Saturday! 🙂

  2. Liz says:

    hi Tishrei Happy saturday to you. we we`ll have to swap recipies for sure. I am a health nut too.

    Thats to bad about not being able to have candles, there are nice plugins from yankee candle that i like and use.

    I understand about their little lungs i was housesitting some birds and my friend was spraying perfume or something and the birds went crazy. their were ok but it scared me. they are very sensitive. good for you being such a loving (Mommy ) for them.

    Yeah so about today i just wanted to be girly and relaxing. I am such a serious person i need this and hope it is a blessing to others as I share new things for relaxing saturdays themes. So stayed tuned.

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