Slip and Slide

Thats what we here in the MidWest are doing. Since Thursday we have been battling snow, lots of it and freezing rain. Yesterday we got up to 34 in temps. It felt good but when evening came ice rink city the roads were. As far as snow fall totals a good 2 feet. That is the most we have had in such a small time frame since 1991 in the last part of October.
Good thing I bought new tires this year it seems like it will be a much need thing this year.

On Thursday I stock up, when it comes to driving in this stuff I have to admit I am a wimp. The last couple of days I have been cozy
and safe inside. Minus the times I go to shovel / snowblow around the block where I live. And to go check on a dog everyday, just down the street. Times like these is when I wished I has a four wheel drive truck.

Anyway the snow is pretty. On the news some guys had made an 11 foot snow man. We did have the perfect snow for it nice and wet.


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