About Me


Greetings to you, My name is Elizabeth, a women in her 40`s loving and serving the Lord. I started this blog with the mind set of bringing glory and honor to God. I choose the name Made To Worship, for the simple fact that, that is what we are called to do. Those who put their trust, hope and faith in Jesus the Son of God.

For me this is a place where I can be me. Share my thoughts and happenings that are going on in my world. I feel that now that I have actually found a place to call my own, I can go full speed ahead, with God leading me in what I write.

I pray that all who visit here are blessed, encouraged, strengthened in someway. The truth is what I seek and pray that is your heart as well as you reflect and read.

I am learning that I love art and making it. I enjoy any outdoor activity. And as you may have guessed I adore flowers( hence my art work).
I am a researcher, I love to just read and find information that will bring truth to my life.

Anyway that`s me-simple:) I pray that you enjoy your time at Made To Worship,



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tishrei says:

    Hello Liz,

    This is a great post about yourself. You are a delightful young lady. Actually, this would be a great static page so when new visitors come here to read, they can read about you and know a bit about who is talking to them. This post would be perfect for that. You can look at my blog to see what I mean about an “about” page if you’re unsure — but then you probably already do as you’ve been blogging longer than I have 🙂

    Me — I’m as domestic as I should be. I rather spend time doing things other than mopping my kitchen floor, LOL — but I always end up doing it. One of my favorite things to do is play with my macaw. He’s a real funny bird who is demanding but sweet.

    What a blessing he turned out to be when God sent him to me as a resuce.

  2. Liz says:


    Thanks, actually on the side bar is a button that goes directly to this page. ( With the flower)

    I love birds, all animals you should post a pic at Fruit of The Word, I would love to see it!!!


  3. Tishrei says:

    I just did 🙂 — actually I have another blog that is not Christian. Well, it’s not “unChristian” but more of my fun blog. I chat about things like my bird, animals, things like that or whatever else that comes to mind.

    At the bottom of “Fruit of the Word” you’ll see a picture of my macaw in the side tab — it’s the naked macaw. He’s a plucker — he plucked himself so he looks like a plucked chicken. He is a rescue. He came to me looking like that and will always be like that. He’s funny looking but a real sweetheart. It took a few years for him to calm down and become a lovebug. That beak of his sure can bite hard when he wants to but he doesn’t do that anymore.

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